"more than conquerors"

918 SE County Road 234, Gainesville, Florida 32641
Phone: 352-375-7316

Chris Walters

Chris Walters, Principal
Mr. Chris Walters came to us in 2016 to serve as principal of our school. He graduated from Liberty University in 1998. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two children. His heart for ministry, rapport with children and teens, and administrative skills all work together to qualify him for this position. Under his leadership, we have initiated our sports program. In addition to his administrative duties, he teaches several middle to high school classes and supervises our Learning Center.

Beth Vinson

Beth Vinson, Teacher
Mrs. Beth Vinson began teaching at WCA in 2013. She comes to us with a background in music education, and her band students thrive under her expert teaching. She teaches three levels of band classes, as well as other elementary level classes, and heads up our participation in ACE Junior and Senior Student Conventions.

Linda Marinelli

Linda Marinelli, Supervisor
Mrs. Linda Marinelli's passion for the success of our students is evident as she has been expertly supervising our learning center and teaching art and Spanish at WCA since 2004.

Gen Busjahn

Gen Busjahn, Teacher/Secretary
Mrs. Gen Busjahn has been teaching and doing office work at WCA since 2004, after homeschooling her children for 16 years. She teaches middle to high school high school classes. She also keeps the school records and is responsible for school communications.

Jennifer Walters, Teacher/Volleyball Coach
Mrs. Jennifer Walters came to us in 2009 with lots of teaching experience using ACE curriculum in her dad's school in Live Oak. She teaches elementary level classes and coaches our girls' volleyball team.

Rachel Moore, Teacher
Mrs. Rachel Moore has demonstrated energy and stamina in teaching our K4 and K5 class, patiently leading her students in learning the fundamentals of phonics, reading and spelling, number recognition and beginning math concepts, and fun art projects. She also brings the narratives of the Bible to life teaching our primary Bible class, using music and singing to reinforce the concepts being taught.

Karen Cicio

Karen Cicio, Teacher
Mrs. Karen Cicio teaches elementary literature classes. She brings years of experience as a homeschool teacher and Children's Church teacher at Windsor Baptist Church to this ministry of improving students' reading skills.

Jonathan Cicio

Jonathan Cicio, Basketball Coach
Mr. Jonathan Cicio is a WCA graduate and Gainesville firefighter. He volunteers as our boys' basketball coach.

Pam Moore

Pam Moore, Secretary
Mrs. Pam Moore has served in varying capacities since WCA's second year, 1989. She has great communication with students and parents because of her experience as parent, homeschool mom, grandparent, and teacher. Her work in our school office is essential to our school's success.

Jeff Bloodsworth

Jeff Bloodsworth, Treasurer
Mr. Jeff Bloodsworth brings a wealth of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll to his position as church and school treasurer. He keeps all of our school accounts in order.

Sandy Register

Sandy Register, School Committee
Mrs. Sandy Register is a wealth of wisdom as an active homeschooling grandmother. She was a volunteer budget coach with Crown Financial Ministries for several years, after retiring from a civil service career in procurement. She serves as Chairman of our School Committee and teaches our high school chemistry course.

Mike Redmond

Mike Redmond, School Committee
Mr. Mike Redmond served as principal of our school from 1988 - 2015, and as pastor of our church from 1983 - 2014. He is a member of our School Committee.

Joe Schrimsher

Joe Schrimsher, School Committee
Mr. Joe Schrimsher began teaching in at WCA 2012. His educational background is history and education. He is a member of our school committee.

Rick Cicio

Rick Cicio, Pastor/School Committee
Mr. Rick Cicio oversees all ministries of Windsor Baptist Church, including Windsor Christian Academy. His wisdom and support is greatly appreciated by all WCA staff and School Committee members. He teaches our teen Bible class.